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Starfighter Command Warrior Poets

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Starfighter Command Warrior Poets Archives

War Poets F-003

A Kiss

Slip beyond the night tangled in an embrace.

Entwined body and soul wrapped in velvet black.

Time lost and forgotten as our lips meet.

It is the first time, it is the last time.

Passion joined by the fire of love.

We are consumed, fused together as one.

Our souls merge and our bodies tingle with delight.

To touch and be touched, we taste each other's soul.

All of eternity in a single moment as our lips meet.

Somewhere in the night tangled in an embrace.


Country Girl

The city lights cannot hide your country heart.

Flowers dot the quite mountain meadow and birds sing softly.

Heaven stretches its wings across a crystal lake, a breeze blows gently.

This is what I see in the way you stand, the way you smile.

City lights are not reflected in your lovely face,

And I doubt that you stay in step with the city pace.

You are a butterfly on the wind in a field of flowers.

Stretching your wings you ride the wind with an angel's grace.

Leaves stir and the trees whisper your name to the stars in space.

You find the beauty in simple things and quite moments.

Heaven seen in the light from a warm fire's glow.

Laughter echoes in your eyes greeting the first winter snow.

No, the city lights cannot hide your country heart.


Something of Heaven

There is something of heaven in your eyes.

The way you smile can brighten a dreary day.

Drawn like a moth to a flame, I cannot stay away.

For something of heaven, enchanting and beautiful are but poor words.

My madness consumes me, engulfs me, it's hard to cope.

Such pure heavenly beauty, an angel, a princess, dare I hope.

The end of a search for a beautiful dream, perhaps.

I keep coming back, hoping to find heaven's door.

An opening to drown me like rain from heaven's floor.

Swept away into the sea by something of heaven beyond beauty.

Cast adrift and held helpless by your sweet magical charm.

An endless sea of love and passion interrupted by my clock's alarm.

Something irresistible wraps around my heart and holds me sway.

Something of heaven and earth's endless beauty so sweet.

The other half of a whole, a needed part to feel complete.

Yes, there is something of heaven about you.


Where are the Words?

The wind blows through the trees gently stirring the golden leaves and I ponder the future.

Dazed by a single beautiful creation of God's I stare blankly out the window.

Life is out of focus and I can't see beyond the fog that drifts lazily through my mind.

My mind wanders from the path I have set searching for new words to touch the soul of an angel.

Ever so gently I proceed groping blindly as though I am walking barefoot on glass with my eyes closed.

Heaven never seemed so close and yet it's so far beyond my grasp it's like reaching for the sun.

Ever so slowly I search for just the right words, frighten that you might fly away beyond my reach.

What are the words that would whisper to a heart and warm the soul from head to toe?

Blinded by an angel's charm I stumble over my own inadequacies and worthlessness as a man.

Haunted by my past, I dare to dream an impossible dream that would take me beyond the stars.

The miserable cold dreary grey morning rain mirrors the agony I feel as I wait for the words to come.

Words that give me some hope of obtaining the impossible as I reach for heaven's gate.

Now, I sit here straining to find the magical words that would give me the key to unlock that gate.

Words that would let me slay the dragon and free the beauty trapped behind a glass wall.

What things could I say that would take root and give a heart wings to fly beyond the moon?

Where do I find the words to express things that can only be found in true love's kiss?

A kiss filled with such passion that it bridges the gap between heaven and hell and destroys the very fabric of time.

Where in heaven or on earth could I find such words?

What could I say that would make an angel want to set aside her wings to walk by my side?

I sit and ponder what it would take to create a bridge in cyberspace that would translate across the distance between us in real space.

Slow stacking blocks, block upon block, precariously balanced, I hold my breath least one wrong word brings them all crashing down.

Words, my salvation or my doom, but they are all I have as though I were a million miles away alone on a storm tossed sea; a beacon of safety calling me home, or a siren sweetly singing, drawing me farther out to sea.

All I can do is pray to the Father of land and sea to guide me and show me the way home.

So here I sit staring blankly at my computer screen searching for perfect words to give to you hoping they are the right words.

Words like flowers to surround you with beauty and sweet perfume to tantalize your senses and warm your heart.

I search for just the right words to make you open your eyes and see the door that opens into another world filled with enchantment where all your dreams can come true.

But, the words elude me like shadows in the night.

They mock me and taunt me and take me places I have never gone remaining ever just beyond my grasp, like heaven, like an angel, like a dream.

I am in sweet agony, lost, dazed, confused, and searching for just the right words hoping I never wake from this dream.

Where are the words when I need them?


With the Angels

Angels sing sweet lullabies as you lay down to sleep.

So cute, so beautiful I have to weep.

Stars wink at your smiling face.

A radiant bit of heaven's grace.

Men stop and stare in wonder.

On a gift from heaven do they ponder.

With joy my heart does sing.

To you a gift of love I bring.

A willing heart and soul for you to keep.

And with the angels let me sing you to sleep.


Time Enough for Dreams

I look up and wonder which star is yours as I drift alone in a sea of stars.

Twinkling diamonds in the night and I'd trade them all for just one moment with you.

Life slips slowly away and I weep for what may never be.

That I should never touch you, hold you, or taste the sweetness of your lips is my agony.

It may be that I am dying, but I am already dead; killed by what may never be.

I drift alone in the heavens and yet I am in hell tormented by an angel's face.

I trace the edge of your picture tucked into the edge of my cockpit's window with my glove.

Closing my eyes I dream of standing on the other side of the tree watching you smile at me.

I want to reach out and take your hands just to feel my heart race at your touch.

We chase each other through the forest until I drag you down to the ground in a field of wild flowers.

There, I brush the grass from your hair as I loose myself in your eyes, captured by your charms.

I would find heaven in the taste of your lips and I could hold you forever, but it's just a dream.

You are my life more than you know.

Your picture covers the small crack in my windshield and keeps the vacuum of space from rushing in.

My air has become your air and I breathe you in deeply.

Lost and alone drifting endlessly in a sea of stars, you are the anchor to which I cling.

You are the one hope in my life, nothing else matters as I sit here on the edge of life and death.

What is money worth without real love, what is anything worth?

You are love, love and hope and everything beautiful in the universe.

You're the beating of my heart, the energy of my soul, and the sun around which I revolve.

You are the fire that keeps me warm, the rain that nourishes me, and the wind under my wings that lifts me up.

Heaven never seemed so far away as you are to me right now.

I wish I could live my life over and found you sooner, but it's too late for that now.

You're a billion light-years away and my air, your air, is being sucked through your picture one molecule at a time.

Still, it is time enough to dream of you and me watching our shadows dance together by the light of a fire's glow.


Sometime as we sit and ponder our life and something happens, we wish we could take it all back and start over again. All our foolishness and our secret sins and all the time we wasted on meaningless stuff all gone with the wave of some magic wand. Yet, sometimes it is the bad that defines who we are as much as the good. More often than not the good in us is shaped by the bad. All our mistakes and all our sin no matter how perverted they may have been, no matter how many commandments we have broken and no matter what evil we may have done, all of it shapes us into the people we are today.

If we embrace the light (the good) then we know what demons we can become and we keep them tightly locked up where they can do no harm. Try as we may we can never quite purge ourselves of our demons even if all they are are memories of what we once were. Battling demons, we can choose what we become.

If we embrace the night (the bad) then we have released our demons to feed upon the world. We have no control over who we are or choose to be, we let the demons rule us. Our demons will make us feed upon others like vampires feeding on the blood of their victims.

It is the nature of a Starfighter to rise above past mistakes to embrace the light. Sure he may have walked on a dark path or two, but his honor always calls him back. Does a Starfighter have regrets, sure he does, but he learns from his mistakes. More often the regret of a Starfighter is love lost and found, and sometimes found and lost. If he regrets his past it is only because he found a love of something more than himself.


Listen to Me

Reach out and touch me, let me know that at least you hear me.

You don't have to love me, but at least listen to the words from my soul.

I am but a poor poet begging to be heard, so listen to me.

Listen as I weave words to make you smile, to make you cry, to touch your heart.

Hear me as I hope and dream, live and die, laugh and cry.

Share with me my joys and sorrows and my plans and schemes for empty dreams.

Touch me, hold me in your heart, and let my soul sing just for you.

Let me wrap you in clouds and give you the moon and stars.

Taste my words and you will drink ambrosia, the nectar of the gods.

Let me fill you with sunshine, wash you with rain, and dry you with a warm gentle breeze.

Lie down and let me cover you with flowers that you might smell the sweetness of heaven.

Close your eyes, and let me kiss you with words as sweet as the morning dew.

Hear the things I have to say and let me take you away to an enchanted garden.

Let me teach you the songs of fairies and dragons in love.

For a moment let me bring you into my world filled with the magic made of dreams.

Just open the door, reach out and touch me that I know you are listening me.



The silence in a whisper cries in the hearts of two souls, lost, parted from one another.

Separated by oceans, cast adrift, waiting for that one chance encounter that will bring them together again.

Whispers in the night, soft spoken words without meaning meant to steal a heart and destroy a soul.

A princess taken captive, wrapped in chains and cast into a pit, waits for the kiss that will free her.

Whispers of heaven are words of hope only a broken heart can hear in the darkness.

A single shining light that fills the soul with love and banishes the darkness back into the depths.

True love whispers, hearts beat faster; love's energy radiates and explodes endlessly.

Bodies entwine, fused together by a single kiss transforming space and time until two hearts beat as one.

Silence in a whisper, words unspoken shouted in the hearts of two souls in love.


Waiting for Your Reply

I drift alone waiting for your reply, lost among the stars in the sky.

There is no up or down, top or bottom, side to side, your words give my world shape.

I wait for word from you that I may have something to cling to like a drowning man clings to a life raft.

Here I sit one star among many, waiting, hoping to be the one you pluck form the sky.

Between worlds, sleep and awake, I look out on an endless sea of stars and think of you, your eyes, your smile, the way you seem to glow just standing there.

So I wait, hoping to fill up the great black void that has become my soul with your words.

Alone on an endless storm tossed sea, I know I am nothing.

It is your words that make the emptiness bearable and I wait for them like I wait for the coming of a new day.

The only real mail in a never-ending barrage of electronic junk.

I wait to read your words that I may know I am not dead.

It is your words that fill me with light and life.

But, who am I that you would notice me?

I am but one planet that orbits around your star.

Your glow gives me warmth and light, and helps me to grow beyond myself.

So here I sit among the stars in the sky, drifting, waiting for you to reply.


A Distant Star

A heavenly beauty beyond my reach lost in a sea of stars.

But, I know she is there for I can see her sparkle.

She pulls at my heart with forces that defy gravity.

She is a distant star, home, heaven, a world with an endless deep blue sea and purple mountains that reach the sky and green fields filled with wild flowers.

How I long to see the clouds that wrap about her and breathe her sweet air.

I drift in an endless night fighting her battle.

It is not my life but her life and I give it to her willingly.

I long for her touch, a sound, a gentle word to give me hope.

But, there is only silence in the night as I stare at a jewel set in black velvet.

A distant star beyond my reach.


Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell converge in the body of a Starfighter

The innocent know his compassion and mercy.

The enemy knows his anger and rage and trembles in fear.

All the Earth knows his loyalty and dedication to their defense.

Heaven and Hell converge in the heart of a Starfighter.

He has faced fiery trials that has burned away all his fear.

He is a child of heaven filled with the sweetness of heaven.

He is an angel of hell slaying his enemies without mercy.

Heaven and Hell converge in a single shout.

Whispered his enemies take pause fearing what lies ahead.

Spoken his enemies stop knowing their death lies ahead.

Shouted and his enemies run away knowing the powers of hell have been unleashed.

Heaven and Hell converge as Victory or Death is shouted by a Starfighter.



Stand upon the edge of life and death.

Free yourself of all your fears that hold you back.

Control your anger do not be controlled by it.

Place all that you hold dear in your heart.

Defend those things in your heart with all your might.

Stand firm and unmovable in the face of death.

Shout your defiance in the face of your enemies.

Let the world know and learn to fear the might of the Starfighters.