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   If you are a visitor, we are glad you stopped by to learn more about the men and women that defend the Earth from the alien hordes that threaten or may threaten our lives and our way of life. Perhaps, you may even consider becoming a Starfighter.

   Starfighter Command Archives are a condensed historical overview of the Starfighters before, during, and after the Kelgaron invasion of Earth; adapted from the personal log of Thomas Avery Andrews and other Starfighter personal logs, after action Battle Reports and other Starfighter Command records.

   Truly there are many great Starfighters and I wish we could tell all of their stories in great detail. Many gave up their lives gladly in defense of the Earth; each a flaming ball of glory that often killed hundreds of the enemy.

   The archive record here tells but a small part of the story; there are many men and women who have died for the sake of humanity's survival. This archived record is dedicated to them, and more files will be added as they are declassified.


   There is a lot more to being a Starfighter than just learning how to kill the enemy. There are language classes so you can interrogate prisoners. Interstellar navigation classes so you can get to point B from point A with your fighter, and there are many more classes than these. During your training, if you survive, we will strip away all your fears until there is no fear left.

   You see a Starfighter fears nothing least of all death. It is the hope of every Starfighter, when the time comes, to go out in a flaming ball of glory. If we must die, then we want our death to count for something. A Starfighter seeks victory even in the face of certain death. That is why our motto is: Victory or Death shouted proudly. We are willing to die to defend Earth, but we do not throw away our lives needlessly.

   No Starfighter has ever been captured alive, nor have they ever died in combat without taking a few of the enemy with them. A Starfighter that dies in combat will take 57.3 of the enemy with him. That of course is an average number. With one exception no Starfighter has ever defected to the enemy’s side. None of our Viper attack craft (SS7-12), nor the new SS8s, have ever been captured. Our enemies have learned to fear us, and with good reason. A Starfighter is willing to trade his life for some cause greater than himself. A Starfighter will continue to fight with everything he has until he draws his last breath in this mortal life.

   This is just a taste of what it is to be a Starfighter.

When you are ready, please select the records you wish to view.


Welcome to Starfighter Command Archives

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