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Invasion F-017

Part of a lecture given by Thomas Avery Andrew at a peace rally,

 at a Kelgaron University

…War is never a good thing. More often than not, if both sides would take the time to talk to one another reasonably and make an effort to try and see the other’s point of view, war could be avoided altogether. If we take the time to study the enemy we can find traits that we can admire about them.

   Generally speaking, people don’t want war. It is their leaders that force the issues that bring us to the edge of the abyss where no sane person would dare to go. The leaders of both sides force feed their people lies in order to whip up support and justify going to war.

   Religion and racial purity have been among the top excuses for starting wars since the dawn of time. They hide the truth of what war is really about. Jealousy, greed, envy, the desire for power and dominion and a hatred of all things living are the true reasons for war. Some leaders lead through fear and ignorance. Other leaders lead by dulling the senses of the people. In either case education is the enemy of both. An informed people will not allow themselves to be led where they do not wish to go. However, if we give up our rights, little by little the government will step in to fill the void. Then one day we will wake up to find that we have given up everything for a few trinkets, and we are being led by men seeking their own personal greedy ambitions. When that day comes, do not ask why you must die in some senseless war.



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