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The Report

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Invasion F-014

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Starfighter Command De-classified Record


SUBJECT: Kelgaron Females


   The average height of a Kelgaron female is 5 ft. 10 in. The height variation of the Kelgaron female is +2 in. to -10 in. on average. Eye color is the same as humans except the coloration tends to be brighter or darker than what is considered normal for a human. Hair color is the same as humans. The Kelgaron females all wear their hair long. The shortest hair style observed to date was cut just below the shoulders. The longest just above their hips.

   From a short distance with clothes on there is no visible physical distinction between a Kelgaron female and a human female. Upon closer inspection of a naked Kelgaron female several exoskeleton plates are visible. The most distinctive is the back plate which protects the spine. It starts at the hip and runs up the spine to broaden as it nears the shoulders to appear as a kind of fancy, T, on their back. It is segmented in twelve evenly spaced places along the back and is extremely flexible. The forearm plates are often decorated and resemble a full arm bracelet. Thigh plates cover part of the front and sides of the thighs, and like the forearm plate can be decorated, but not to the degree that the forearm plates are. The Kelgaron females are extremely sensitive where their exoskeleton joins their body. The coloration of these plates is either dark brown or dark blue which compliments their natural suntan-colored skin.

   The Kelgaron female is mammalian in nature, and is physiologically similar to human females in all respects. They may be disposed genetically to slender body types as no overweight Kelgaron females have ever been observed. Their skin feels softer than human skin due to an added oil gland that shares the same duct as their sweat gland. This keeps their skin constantly moisturized and feeling silky soft.

   It is possible for a human male to have sex with a Kelgaron female. There are several differences in genetic makeup between our species, and reproduction between our two species is not thought to be possible. The sex drive of a Kelgaron female is slightly higher than that of a human female. They are considered to be more sexually active than their male counterparts. The oil gland in their skin secretes both a sweet-smelling mineral type oil and a pheromone that is absorbed through the skin of the male to arouse him sexually. The male Kelgaron's skin has a rough texture to stimulate these glands. Tests prove that this pheromone has no physical or psychological effect on the human male.

   All Kelgaron females share a genetic code with regards to the shape of their eyes. The eyes of a Kelgaron female are considered to be so beautiful as to border on being hypnotic. However, they do not possess any hypnotic abilities as previously believed.


   There have been reports of Kelgaron females having an undesirable effect on human males. It is the conclusion of this report that there is some validity to this claim. Human males have been taught to protect and cherish females throughout history. Because Kelgaron females so closely resemble attractive human females, human males could possibly hesitate to shoot them in combat. Fortunately, Kelgaron females' only combat positions within the Kelgaron military have been that of fighter pilot and crew.

   The only problem noted has been when a human male has come in close contact with a Kelgaron female over a prolonged period of time. When a human male has not had contact or relations with a human female for a long time, psychological and physiological problems can arise. Place this same human male in close contact with an extremely attractive-looking female, and you can begin to see how problems could develop. Because of their eyes and general body shape, Kelgaron females become more attractive the closer you get to them.

   Several tests have conclusively proved that despite the exoskeleton plating human males consider Kelgaron females to be very attractive. Other studies have proved that even when attractive females were shooting at them, most human males suffered a certain amount of trauma if they have to shoot females. All reports indicate that most human males will have trouble dealing with females in combat if they are recognizable as such.

   It is the conclusion of this report that human males should avoid all contact with Kelgaron females if at all possible. Under no circumstance is a human male to come into prolonged contact with a Kelgaron female. All reports indicate that any protracted relationship with a Kelgaron female brings about a significant behavioral change in even the toughest of Starfighters. Contact between Starfighters and Kelgaron females is to be avoided at all cost, and training is recommended to counter any effect that Kelgaron females might have on Starfighters in the event that contact with them is unavoidable.