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Entry from Thomas Avery Andrews's Personal Log

   We have all been asked to record our reasons for signing up to become Starfighters. Perhaps some historian will read this -- or more likely it will gather dust among all the other records kept by Starfighter Command.

   I am old enough to remember the Kelgarons' attack on Earth. Perhaps the outrage of that act still burns within me. Most of humanity lost members of their extended family in that attack. Uncle Joe, my mother's brother, died in the attack on New York as did a couple of second cousins on my father's side of the family. I still remember the pictures on TV of the aliens' attack on our world and how the fires in the major cities of the world burned out of control for days. I still remember the rage and anger generated by that betrayal of our offered friendship. I wanted to become a Starfighter right then but I was only ten.

   The new United Earth League of Nations set up a draft two years ago. Mostly it is to fill the need of construction crews needed to build our battle fleet. There are more than enough people willing to fight but few ships to carry them to the battle. Rather than wait to be drafted into the regular military machine defending our planet I signed up to become a Starfighter. So here I am waiting to be shipped off to the Starfighters' training camp.